Proper Etiquette

1. Respect towards the national flag

Respect towards the national flag signifies the principle of loyalty towards one’s nation.  This will be done as one enters and leaves the school as well as at the beginning and the end of practice sessions.

2. Respect towards the instructor

Respect towards the instructor, shown by bowing, signifies the principle of  respecting one’s parents, teachers and elders.

3. Respect towards other students

Coles teaches that there should be respect amongst fellow students in Martial Arts. One  must treat other students with respect to be treated with respect by other students. This  signifies the principle of treating all human beings and all living things with respect.

List of Basic Etiquette at Coles Tae Kwan Do,  Ju-Jitsu & Judo

                      1. Bow to the flags and the instructor when entering or leaving the do-jang.
                      2. Do not enter class late or leave early without the instructor's permission.
                      3. Loud conversation, laughing, chewing gum, wearing watches or jewelry has not place in training.
                      4. Wear a clean uniform, trim nails, clean hands and feet are important.
                      5. Do not engage in activities that might degrade the code of ethics or the reputation of the school.
                      6. Assume the position of attention when speaking to the instructor.  Use words of consideration when speaking to the instructor, such as "yes sir", "no sir", "yes ma'am", or "no ma'am".
                      7. Be courteous and respectful to all fellow students.
                      8. Do not teach Tae Kwon Do or Ju-Jitsu, hold a demonstration or enter a tournament competition without the instructor's approval.
                      9. Any substitute instructor should be treated as the master instructor.